Give me 1 minute of Peace

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Peace was the theme on which the contest was based in 2011. We wished to promote the concept of “Positive peace”. Positive peace is more than the absence of conflict and undesirable circumstances and conditions; it is a peace that requires justice, equality, solidarity and reciprocity in relationships and interactions. Positive peace can not exist, even when there is direct conflict, if social relations on any level are characterized by domination, injustice, inequality and a lack of reciprocity.

Positive peace implies that all people have equal rights, that we have dignified living conditions, that we respect the environment, that we guarantee community development, etc. And it refers to all aspects of life, intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, social, national, international, etc.

In 2011 UNESCO Etxea launched the second edition of the “Give Me 1 Minute” Audiovisual Contest, in which the best 1 minute audiovisual pieces was awarded that focus on this right in each of the three participation categories.

The 2nd edition of the competition were received 60 videos from the Basque Country, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brasil, Colombia and UK.

Prize Grand Prize – Give me 1 minute
Title Nosotr@s
Autor Iban González (Arrasate-Mondragón. Basque Country, Spain)
Prize Ekin eta Egin Saria
Title ¿Con qué visión del mundo te quedas?
Autor María Casanueva (Getxo. Basque Country, Spain)
Prize UNESCO Etxea
Title Y nosotros sin saber
Autor Mikel Cenecorta (Basauri. Basque Country, Spain)