Give me 1 minute of Econscience

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“Give me 1 Minute of Econscience” aimed to raise awareness about the unproceed environmental degradation our way of life is causing the planet. We may have yet to feel the consequences of our actions, but they are already having radial effects on the lives of the World’s most disadvantaged populations.

We need to awaken a collective conscience that values respect for nature, inspires a change in behaviour and moves us to use our natural resource more wisely so we may change Earth’s course toward a better, more sustainable future. Furthermore, econscience recognizes the absolute equality of all mankind and, in doing so, our shared rights and obligations to a healthy natural environment, which is the key to leading a life of dignity and advancing sustainable human development.

The 3rd edition of the competition were received 86 videos from the Basque Country, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, UK, Canada and Hungary.

Prize Grand Prize – Give me 1 minute
Title La deuda ecológica
Autor Eduardo González (Bilbao. Basque Country, Spain)
Prize Ekin eta Egin Saria
Title ¡Recicla te sorprenderás!
Autor Alejandro González & Eneko Alcalde (Bilbao. Basque Country, Spain)
Prize UNESCO Etxea
Title La Suma de Lucia
Autor Jorge Moreno (Madrid, Spain)