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“Dame 1’ de Refugio” had the objective to contribute to a society that respects and defends human rights, with attention to the construction of a critical and supportive society that defends the rights of everyone to freedom of movement and the right of everyone to seek asylum.

In this 7th edition were received films from Peru, Colombia, Brasil and from Madrid, Castile and Leon, Valencia, Aragon, Navarre and the Basque Country.

The awards ceremony was held on March 3, 2017 at the Basque Television Headquarters in Bilbao. More than 300 people attended.

Prize Dame 1 minuto
Title Bailemos un WALLS
Autor Yago Mateo (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
Prize Ekin eta Egin Saria
Title ¿Por qué no quieres que vengan los refugiados?
Autor Aterpe Berri Eskaut Taldea (Bilbao)
Prize UNESCO Etxea
Title El valor de una vida
Autor Mikel Unzue (Bilbao)
Prize ‘CEAR Euskadi’ Mention
Title Con lo puesto
Autor Laura C. Urízar (Miranda de Ebro, Burgos)
Prize ‘EIKEN’ Mention
Title La partida
Autor Koldobika Pérez (Bilbao)