Give me 1 minute of Bread

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‘Give me 1 Minute of Bread’ aimed to raise awareness on the human right to food. It is the right of everyone to have access to a proper feeding; regularly, permanently and in a free way. A feeding that is in coherence with the cultural traditions of the nation where it belongs and that guarantees a decent and satisfactory life, both individual and collective one. We wanted to raise public awareness on the dramatic situation that millions of people suffer daily all around the world because their right to food is violated.

‘Give me 1´Minute of BREAD’ claimed that all individuals are equal. We have the same rights and obligations when it comes to food. Nobody can avoid this right and we all have the obligation to safeguard it wherever it is violated.

The fourth edition of the competition were received 83 videos from the Basque Country, Valencia, Uruguay, Bolivia and Romania.

Prize Grand Prize – Give me 1 minute
Title Pan-acción
Autor Tan-Tak (Bilbao. Basque Country, Spain)
Prize Ekin eta Egin Saria
Title Comparte tu pan
Autor Teresa Segui & Camila Ibargüen (Valencia, Spain)
Prize UNESCO Etxea
Title Hambruna 2014
Autor Edu González (Bilbao. Basque Country, Spain)