Give me 1 minute of LIFE

What is the ‘Give Me 1 Minute of’ contest?

“Give me 1 minute of” is  one-minute audiovisual works annual competition.

The works must defend, promote, claim, disseminate or awareness about Human Rights.

It is organized by UNESCO Etxea – UNESCO Centre of the Basque Country since 2010 and is held between October 1 and January 31.

Each edition of the contest focuses on a different issue about Human Rights. On this edition the contest bears the title “Give me 1 minute of… sustainable, rebellious and supportive LIFE” and focuses on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Can I participate in the contest from outside the Basque Country?

Of course! ‘Give me 1 minute of’ is an international competition. We hope you will send us videos from anywhere in the world and in any language.

Can I participate by submitting more than one video?

You can present as many audiovisual works as you want, both individually and if you are a group.

Can I compete as a minor?

Of course! you can opt for all the prize categories and there is even a special one aimed exclusively at under 18: “Ekin eta Egin” (“start and do it!” in basque.

Attention: To participate you will have to send us a signed authorization.

There are two models of authorization:

The authorization forms to be completed and signed are attached to the rules document. You can also download them in Word format at this link  (in spanish)

How long should videos last?

They will have a maximum duration of 1 minute.

Credits are not included at this minute. If you include credits at the beginning or end of the video, they may be as long as you consider.

How do I have to register?

Registration is made through the form available on the website of the contest.

You can sign up at any time, both before making your video and once you have it finished and ready to send it.

Is there a registration fee?

No, registration and participation are completely free.

How do I send the video(s)?

You can send it in many ways:

The shipping address is dame1minutode@unescoetxea.org

Please do not share a YouTube or Vimeo link with us. Send us the file by one of the ways we have just indicated.

What is the deadline to register and submit the video(s)?

Between October 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022, both inclusive.

Who chooses the award-winning videos?

Every year we have a jury composed of agents from the world of culture, human rights and cooperation as well as professionals from the audiovisual industry. Representatives of the entities that finance the contest also participate.

Once the jury is formed, we will present it on the blog of the contest website. You can see here who formed it in the last edition.

The jury decides the winning videos of the categories “Ekin eta egin”, “Euskarazko minuturik onena” (“best video in basque”) and the main category “Grand Prize Give me 1 minute of”

The prize in the category “UNESCO Etxea” is chosen by the professional team and by the members of UNESCO Etxea.

How can I find out about all the news of the contest?

You can visit https://dame1minutode.org/blog/ where we publish all the information related to the contest as well as news of interest and interviews related to the theme of each edition.

You can also follow @dame1minutode on facebook, twitter and instagram