Give me 1 minute of Water

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Water is a unique and irreplaceable resource, the fundamental basis for life and an essential condition for the development of people and nations. However, 1 in 7 people in the world today – almost 1000 million people – have no access to water for their basic needs and almost 40% of the world population – approximately 2,600 million people – has no access to proper sanitation. The consequences are dramatic for health, education, housing, inequality between men and women, the environment and poverty.

When we talk about the lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation we are talking about the violation of a right, and it is not only due to the resource`s natural scarcity, but rather due to poverty, social inequality and the lack of political will.

The Human Right to Water and Sanitation is everybody`s right to have sufficient, quality, accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses. Coinciding with the official recognition of the right by the United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Council, UNESCO Etxea announced the “Give me 1 minute of Water” audiovisual competition which awarded a prize to the most creative works of up to 1 minute long in relation to this right.

Prize Grand Prize – Principal category
Title Invisible Needness
Autor Gerard Franquesa (Girona. Catalonia, Spain)
Prize 2nd. Prize
Title Entre dos aguas
Autor Pablo Gallo (Bilbao. Basque Country, Spain)
Prize 3rd. Prize
Title Quiero ser la gota que colme su vaso
Autor Elisabeth Pérez (Euskadi)