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What is a Refugee Camp?

A refugee camp is a temporary settlement that is built to receive refugees, asylum-seekers, or displaced people. While refugee camps are built to be temporary, there are many in the world that end up being permanent. 86% of refugees are hosted by developing countries and to put that into perspective, Britain, a developed country, only […]

Regulaciones internacionales sobre personas refugiadas

Para proteger y marcar un estándar internacional para las personas refugiadas en el mundo,  hay establecidas unas regulaciones tanto internacionales como regionales. La Agencia para los Refugiados de la ONU (ACNUR) creó el Estatuto de los Refugiados en la Convención de 1951 que fue firmado por 144 Estados. Según esta convención, una persona refugiada es una persona […]

Northern Triangle of Central America

Text written by our colleague Lydia Castillo #Giveme1minutefortheRefugees from the most violent countries in the world. An estimated 10% out of 30 million residents have left the region in Central America known as the Northern Triangle, which consists of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. In the 1980s, these countries were moved by civil wars that […]